Simple, Easy, Convenient.
Click, Drag, and Click.
Re-Stake rewards?

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Turn on Auto-Staking

Auto Stake is ICONFi’s unique feature making Staking rewards Compounded.

If you use ICONFi Auto Stake, ICONFi will automatically claim staking rewards and re-stake.

Simple and Easy

Click, drag and apply.
Easy staking and unstaking.
Receiving rewards from the network directly.

At Your Convenience

Deposit, staking, unstaking and withdrawal
are available anytime you want, real-time basis.

Never Miss DeFi

ICONFi supports all eligible DeFi token airdrops.
Use ICONFi staking and stop worrying about
missing token airdrops.

Staking with ICONFi

Currently Support

Coming Soon